What others say about GAMA Circles

My Circles experience was amazing!  The virtual platform removed the geographical boundaries that limit us from taking full advantage of study groups and idea sharing beyond our regions.  Although face-to-face meetings have some advantages, I found the Circles experience gave the visual engagement but allowed us to be time efficient in this increasingly fast paced world where we struggle to find time.  With set norms we were able to create a safe environment where we could be vulnerable and really dig deep for learning, strategy, and progression.  I was very impressed with how the Circles structure created such connections and engagement on an online platform. 

Kimberley Jensen, B.Comm(Hons), CHS, RRCSenior Associate Manager

"The new GAMA Circles uses innovative technology which allows these virtual sessions to have the look and feel of the power of face-to-face sessions, using intuitive and easy to use tools. Hope to see you in one of them soon!"

Maqsood Mamawala, MBA, CLU, ChFC 

Circles is a unique tool that allows facilitators of a study groups or a small, seminar-style classes to engage the participants in a way that I haven’t seen before. The video connection keeps everyone engaged. Being able to see people in discussion is great. Live, face-to-face study groups are beneficial, but logistics and cost typically result in significant periods of time between sessions. With Circles, a study group can interact much more frequently, which allows for more personal interaction, support and informal accountability.

Gerry Herbison, DBA, ChFC, CFP, CASL, CLF, Director of CLF Program at The American College

I found the Circles environment allows for the best set of ‘ground rules’ I’ve ever worked with for a study group.  Equal airtime and general thoughtfulness from every participant is much easier inside the Circle.

Jason McMahon

Circles is the way to connect, interact, coach and/or meet remotely in the new era! It’s made an immediate impact since the first session our team has logged onto! Definitely a disruptor to the traditional way of meetings conducted online!”

Sina T. Azari, Vice President, Present Financial Partners