GAMA Circles FAQ

What is a GAMA Circle? 

● A GAMA circle is 5-8 people who share a passion for financial services, and help each other learn how to do it better.

What is the GAMA Circles Accelerator? 

● The GAMA Circles Accelerator is a hands-on, highly-interactive course where a live instructor leads groups through the foundations for GAMA Circles participants to tap the power of peer learning.

Who Is The Accelerator For?

● The GAMA Circles Accelerator is for any HQ or field staff in the financial services industry who have the desire to learn and grow with a group of your peers.

Do I have to join the Accelerator to be placed in a Circle? 

● The Accelerator serves as an orientation to GAMA Circles. During the accelerator you will learn how to use the video meeting room and learn basic principles of running successful study groups.

What happens in a Circle? 

● In monthly meetings in the one-of-a-kind Circles Meeting Room, participants experience a facilitated agenda of protocols and sharing rounds focused on deep, curious engagement on challenges related to being a professional in the financial services industry. Through proven peer learning GAMA Circles agendas, the group establishes a trustworthy environment for uncovering and implementing effective strategies for shared dilemmas. 

When does a Circle end? 

● Why stop? GAMA Circles can be ongoing, tackling new obstacles as the industry evolves. 

What happens if I need to miss a session of my GAMA Circle? 

● Participants co-create policies around attendance, effectively practicing one of the key skills of professional development: having strong team norms. 

Facilitator FAQs 

Who are the facilitators? 

● An initial wave of 17 GAMA coaches have gone through GAMA Circle Guide training. These experienced professionals have received training on both the platform, and in facilitating the learning agenda, adding to their valuable industry-related experience. 

Do we have to use a facilitator? 

● All GAMA Circles are professionally facilitated by trained guides. 

Can we choose our facilitator? 

● We carefully take into account your interests and choice of facilitator when matching peers to the best of our ability. 

Can anyone become a facilitator?

● Your GAMA Accelerator and Study Group Guide has completed training sessions on facilitating your group, and maximizing your experience. We welcome any suggestions for additional members to be trained. 

Accelerator & Circle FAQs 

Will there be homework? 

● Some preparation is required for each Accelerator session. Circle participants will collaborate on content areas and any outside reading related to those areas. 

Can any of the study group meetings be in person?

● Yes! We encourage established study groups to continue their in-person meetings, and welcome our digital circles to meet up in person. 

How is it decided what we will discuss in my GAMA Circle? 

● You will be invited to name areas you would like to discuss, as well as consider those suggestions brought by your peers. Your trained Guide will also be invited to bring their expertise as a member of the group. 

Can’t I just use Zoom?

 ● Our one-of-a-kind video meeting room was purposely created to support powerful conversations. From timers to the ability to create agendas, and much more, the Circles meeting room is much more than a video platform. 

What technology will I need? 

● In order to use the Circles platform you will need access to a relatively new laptop or a desktop with a webcam, a headset, and the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. 

What happens if my corporate IT group doesn’t let me run Circles?

 ● Our program team will work with your IT department to work through any technology issues. 

Do I have to make all four sessions of my Accelerator to join a GAMA Circle? 

● Yes. Commitment is key. 

If I miss an accelerator session, can I attend a make-up or watch a recording? 

● We don’t record sessions for privacy reasons. If you need to miss one we will help you attend a make up session that works with your schedule. 

How is the agenda/format decided? 

● Your GAMA Circle will meet monthly for 90 minutes, following an agenda that you will be trained on in the Accelerator, and adjusted as the group sees fit. 

Is there any intergroup opportunities to network? Will there be a way to know what other Circles are doing? 

● We are developing a program to share ideas and best practices for GAMA Circles. We welcome your ideas for spreading best practices among GAMA Circles. 

Can I switch my group?

 ● Yes, after the GAMA Accelerator, you are able to request to join another group.

How many times should I meet with my GAMA Circle?

● To become oriented to online study groups, you will be invited to the GAMA Accelerator, a group that meets on a weekly basis for a month. After that your GAMA Circle will meet once a month.