You’ve been chosen...

You’ve been selected to be part of the GAMA Circles program! As a participant you will be part of a talented and diverse cohort of individuals at select financial services companies chosen to participate in industry focused study groups. Study Groups have long been seen as one of the most effective methods for growing a business and overcoming challenges within the Financial Services Industry.

“Study groups can change lives fast.”
- Daralee Barbera, VP of Business, GAMA International

GAMA - an association dedicated to promoting the professional development needs and leadership skills of leaders in the insurance, investment, and financial services industry— invites you to be part of an experience that will prepare you to take risks, disrupt old patterns, and make way for new ways of thinking, doing, and leading.

What is the GAMA Circles Program?

The GAMA Circles program takes the power of Study Groups and adds expert facilitation, training, and technology to make it easier than ever for GAMA members to develop, practice and apply new leadership skills.

Study Group Orientation (4 weekly sessions)

The GAMA Circles Accelerator is a 4-session online workshop designed to impart the core skills underlying effective participation in the GAMA Circles program. Each session is 90-minutes in length. Successful completion is required to enter into study group meetings.

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Monthly Meetings

After the 4-session training, GAMA Circles then meet monthly over video. Purpose-built technology and expert facilitators keep the meetings deep and efficient, with real results.

What you may cover

Expert Facilitation

The GAMA Circles program adds professional guidance to your study group.  The industry’s top coaches have been trained to facilitate conversations that unlock the collective expertise of the group. Everyone can focus on the value of the meeting, instead of worrying about running it.

Meet the facilitators


Experience the next generation of digital meetings with secure, tools that fuel efficient sharing,, and a fun and engaging interface. This is not your ordinary video meeting.

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Meet the program facilitators

All the facilitators come from within the GAMA community and are trained in running virtual study groups. Here are a few:
Sina Azari
Executive Vice President, Present Financial Partners
Robert Baccigalupi
Incoming GAMA Treasurer, CLU,ChFC,LTCP,CSA,CLTC
Michelle Hubert
Agency Manager, Farm Bureau Financial Services


GAMA Circles Accelerator

Every GAMA Circle starts with a four-session, 90-minute, expert-lead workshop on how to best learn from your peers. It's perfect for beginners or long standing groups that want to up their game.

Easy, Online Meetings. Designed To Be Enjoyed.

The GAMA Circles platform was specially designed as the first conversation oriented video conferencing tool. Equal participation tools, timers, and music fuel an extraordinary meeting experience.

Monthly Meetings. Driven by Powerful Conversations.

After graduation from the Accelerator, groups meet once a month in the digital room with their facilitator. Each session is uniquely designed to help members meet the challenges of running a modern financial services business.

Get The Power Of GAMA's Best Coaches on each call.

World class facilitators have been hand selected from the GAMA Coaches Corner to facilitate each meeting. These coaches help ensure everyone participates openly, honestly, and equally.

Peer Learning. For Everyone.

For decades, Study Groups have been one of the most powerful tools for leadership development within GAMA.

Now these results are available to anyone with a computer and willingness to commit.

Learn more about the program

We have prepared a 12 page syllabus to answer most questions you might have.

"If I had any great ideas during the time I ran my operation, eighty-five percent of them came from my study groups."

Robert C. Savage, Savage & Associates


First-Line Leaders and Frontline Leaders

You work to build yourself, others, and your business. Find true insight and solutions to your most pressing problems. Stay on top of your game by working with a group able to provide perspectives on both the long term and day-to-day challenges you face.

Emerging Leaders

Stop re-inventing the wheel. GAMA Circles are an excellent way to be paired with emerging leaders within the financial services industry, collectively help each other solve your biggest challenges and share best practices.

Examples of Topics To Cover

Your Commitment

$500 one time

$75 monthly
Your GAMA Circles coach will guide you, but it is your commitment, engagement, and trust in the process that will allow for transformational learning.

The Ground Rules: Confidentiality I Anti-Proselytizing Policy I 100% Attendance

We believe leadership GAMA Circles approach to leadership development and growth occur when participants apply new skills, success and challenges from one another and reflect on all of the above. To make this program as impactful as possible, we ask that you commit to the leadership program for a a full year, the culmination which will take place at LAMP ‘19.  After the first four sessions, your commitment will be to a 90- minute monthly study group and a monthly payment of $75 for ongoing support and expert facilitation.