Being The Best For The World Means Being The Best For Each Other

Join a B Corp Leadership Circle and Start Having The Deep Conversations That Really Make A Difference

The world needs b-corps as a force for good more than ever. By supporting one another, we can accelerate the growth of each individual company while amplifying our collective mission to redefine success. So for a limited time, we’re inviting you to try something. Think of it as your own personal advisory board, a place for deep conversations, where you will give and get help from peers.

How does it work?

A circle is a group of 8 peers who are carefully matched to pursue shared objectives. Each circle has a guide who shows you how to run a meeting, share challenges and learn from each other. Eventually, they fade into the background as your group bonds.

The first step is to apply by accepting the circles norms and filling out the application

Get matched
When we have a circle with a high chance of success, we send invitations out to selected candidates - the fastest responses get in.

Meet online every two weeks
Meet for 60-90 minutes every two weeks in our purpose built meeting room

Keep things confidential
Maintain confidentiality to encourage deep conversations


We spend a lot of time on finding the right peers for each circle. We match using several criteria, including basics like age, gender, location, although much more importantly, on having shared challenges.

This means that you will be in a group with people that run a business that is similar in size and stage as yours and that are concerned about the same issues and challenges as you.

Once we have peers, we try to maximize diversity. Diversity fuels learning.

The Meeting Room

The circles team is building a custom video experience to make it easy to have deep conversations. This is where you will connect and spend time with your personal advisory board. Here is a video from the Circles team that shows you how it works.

What are the benefits of joining a Circle?

Feedback and data from real experiences and avoid reinventing wheels

Make clear progress on challenges and support others in their development

Improved skill in the nuts and bolts of running a business: coaching, recruiting, setting goals, building relationships, motivation, handling conflict, and so on

Engage in meaningful deep conversations with your own personal advisory board of experienced peers who help solve problems

New approaches to learning that will help you master skills

A confidential forum to discuss issues you can’t comfortably share with colleagues or even family and friends

Access to diverse viewpoints about your most important challenges

Improvement with storytelling, listening, feedback, learning, problem-solving, and other “soft” skills.

What's the magic here?

We’ve put together the best people we could find to build a technology, not only new school technology like the online meeting room, but also old school technology like how to have a great conversation, how to ask questions that go beyond the BS, to make sure that you get the best possible return on your time.

Our goal is for every meeting to go deep, and surface the most important issues in your life. We’re talking things you can’t or wouldn’t even share with your best friend, spouse or partner at work. This is a confidential group of peers that are committed to helping and being helped.

Relevance is key to adult learning. This is why many people struggle to complete courses with a fixed curriculum. Circles surface the most important challenges happening to participants right now, and then dynamically apply reflection and expert content.

Who are we?

Circles is being created by some very smart and nice people (if you don’t mind us saying so). We have in common that we love to engage in deep conversations, to be transparent, to share, learn, listen and grow.

Meet some of the members of the Circles team.

Dan Hoffman

Matt Cynamon
Business Development

Jonathan Hefter
Lead guide

René Lönngren

Customer Experience

Bre Pettis

Cost & Commitment

The lifetime of a Circle is determined by the Circle itself. Some last for 8 months, while others may go on to last for years. We ask that all participants commit at least 16 weeks to their circle.


We are confident that you will get a tremendous return on your investment should you join a circle. In fact we are so confident that we will offer you a full money back guarantee if you’re not happy, many questions asked (as we want to understand why and learn how to get better).