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What if Every Meeting Actually Made Your Team Stronger?

Circles is the first virtual meeting platform designed for engagement, conversation, and impact
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Technology may help you connect, but is it helping you lead?

Is your team fully engaged during your meetings?
Are you using your time effectively?
Making critical decisions?
Is everyone’s voice being heard?
Are the best ideas being surfaced?
Are your team members bonding?

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A platform for virtual meetings that actually builds stronger teams. Every time.

  • One Click, Easy To Use
    No profiles, no sign ups, no complicated apps
  • Conversations, not presentations
    Carefully designed tools that demand participation, conversation, and depth
  • Intelligent Constraints
    Limited meeting size, time bound, and agenda driven
  • Quicker Decisions, Better Processes
    No more wasted meetings, everything happens for a reason
  • Keep Getting Better
    A structure that encourages the development of good habits
  • Extra help when you need it
    Premium features like in-meeting support, analysis, and recommendations on how to improve