Make your online meetings engaging and enjoyable

Circles makes it easy for teams and groups to run meetings that are engaging, effective and enjoyable.


Square uses Circles to build a more collaborative and supportive culture.

The Growth Institute uses Circles to add value to their students by adding ongoing peer support.

The Young President Organization uses Circles to create virtual forums.

Tetra Pak uses Circles to strengthen relationships for their top managers across the globe.

Cleveland Clinic uses Circles to run more efficient and engaging management meetings.

Bionic uses Circles to develop their talent through peer groups.


Circles applies technology to make it easy to create better meetings. Integrated best practices and facilitation help teams learn, grow and work together.  

Circles is more than a video conferencing tool.
Circles is the world’s first meeting experience platform.


not presentations.

Most video conferencing platforms are optimized to serve a presenter, a one to many model, while Circles is built for fostering deeper conversations through dialogue and an environment aimed at helping each other.

No mic hogging. No voice unheard.

The Circles meeting room’s custom built-in features, including a speaker spotlight, a timer and a random speaking order generator, assures everyone gets to share while enjoying undivided attention. 

Agenda drives results. 

Circles comes ready with custom agendas. The platform helps keep the team on track from the moment the facilitator clicks the "Wheel’s Up" button to get the meeting started.

We are building a library of meeting protocols and practices together with our community of experts.  

See if you are on time, or behind, at a glance.

The agenda is connected to a progress bar, visible at all times, so participants can easily keep a tab on their progress and make sure the meeting is running on schedule.

Music for thoughts.

Circles is the only meeting platform in the world to have music integrated - everyone hears the same tune.

Mood is essential to productivity and music compensates for lack of a physical room dynamic. 

No downloads. No installs.

Joining a Circles meeting is as easy as clicking a link.

Each meeting participant has a unique link that gives immediate access to the Circles meeting room.


When your team is small and distributed

Circles is built for small, distributed teams and groups that desire to improve their culture as well as the way they solve problems and work together. A maximum of 8 participants makes for engaging and efficient meetings.

When every voice matters

Most other meeting conference tools are created for presentations, not conversations. One of the most impactful ways any team or group can improve is by making every voice heard. The Circles platform has tools to make this easy and effective.

When time matters

Keeping meetings on time without missing out on working through all important issues is key for most teams and groups. Circles makes it easy to keep track of time. Enjoy that feeling of accomplishment having checked every item off the agenda.



Simple, all inclusive pricing

$150 per month
Get Started Now
Set up and manage your account online
Create your meeting rooms and add participants to the rooms. Create and share their unique meeting room links.
Two meeting rooms included
Create to up to two meeting rooms and use them as often as you like. If you need more rooms contact us.
Unlimited meeting agendas
Add as many custom agendas as you like as well as access agendas created by the Circles meeting experts.
Up to 30 meeting room members
You can add up to 30 participants to each room, though you should not invite more than 9 to any given meeting.